Capacity & Flexibility

Our roster of approved and trusted suppliers gives us vast capacity, resource and flexibility to support all your marketing execution requirements. We consolidate purchasing decisions to leverage savings and actively manage our supply partners to deliver the best possible service at the best value for your budget.


Our supply-chain is important to us and we work with openness and integrity to build strong relationships. This approach ensures buy-in to our standards and expectations, but also promotes investment and sustainability with our suppliers for a stable and consistent delivery platform.

Support & Advice

However, our real strength lies in providing support and advice to marketing teams on any non-core activity. We work in partnership with both marketing and procurement teams to deliver good quality, sustainable and cost-effective sourcing of marketing products. And it’s not just our own partners we work with – our account teams are happy working with your own agencies and suppliers to ensure the campaign runs as smoothly as possible.

We also appreciate that not everything always goes to plan, and pride ourselves on our flexibility so you can rely on us to do our best to always achieve your mail date. We want you to succeed, and will work hard ensure we create compelling, high quality products with brilliant results.

Become a supply partner?

If you would like to work with Graft and believe your business could offer benefit to our clients, please get in touch by completing the registration process. We would love to hear form you.

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"We will most definitely be using Graft and integrated Direct Mail again for future campaigns"

Marketing Manager

Help for Heroes

"The Graft team always give Asthma UK great service and deliver our Direct Mail campaigns on time and within budget."

Direct Marketing Manager, Asthma UK

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